At Laughing Earth Flowers we collaborate with each couple to ensure that their wedding flowers are a true reflection of who they are. We book a limited amount of weddings per year so that we’re free to get to know our couples, allowing us to personalize each design with a spirit of artistry that reflects the unique qualities of each couple.

**Please note that we do not take weddings on major holiday weekends, including the 2 weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Custom Design Service Options:

Full Service Wedding

This is for couples who are looking for exceptional, highly customized wedding flowers, including statement installations such as romantic ceremony setups, intricate tablescapes, hanging installations, and other large-scale setups, as well as exquisite bridal party flowers. We will take care of everything, from delivery and set-up, to post-reception break down, leaving you free to enjoy the day. We will also be happy to work directly with your wedding planner/coordinator. Full Service begins at $4,000 (pre-tax)

Partial Service Wedding

Partial Service is best suited for clients who are looking for bridal flowers and a few relatively simple ceremony & reception flowers, who may need some help setting up, but have a crew to clean up afterward. In this case, we create all the arrangements, deliver and set up, but leave cleanup to you. Any rental items will need to be returned to us after the wedding. Partial Service begins at $3,500 (pre-tax)

Drop Off Wedding

Drop off (Delivery) Service is best for clients who are looking for lovely, custom designed basics without the need for complicated setups that we create and simply drop off the day of your wedding. Drop Off Service begins at $2,500 (pre-tax).


Our Pre-Designed Packages:

Simply Elegant Wedding

Our pre-designed packages are priced upfront, and are high-quality wedding flowers with no planning meetings required. We deliver your arrangements to the venue ready to go. (Rental items are not available, and certain limitations apply. Packages are moderately customizable, and are not available during the weeks leading up to either Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, or other major holiday weekends). For more information our SE package, please go HERE.