Tell your flower story…

Many of you already know the story of my grandmother’s flower shop and how it inspired the creation of Laughing Earth Flowers, but let me tell you a little bit more of my story. I grew up in a small, west Texas town where green grass and trees are a rare sight, and rain is as precious as gold. My mother – in acts of spirited defiance – would plant all sorts of rose bushes, fruit trees and other flowering plants with the hope of bringing “a tiny patch of paradise” to our rather austere yard. Season after season, so many plants were lost to the dryness and brutal summer heat. Finally after much gentle care and copious watering, she declared success with the first rose bush that consented to establishment near our front porch. I don’t remember ever hearing the name of the rose, but it consistently produced giant, peachy-golden beauties that were the envy of many. Then – gradually –  came other successes: a dwarf peach tree, a few bearded Iris, and Blackberry bushes (Blackberry Cobbler – um, yes!). The best part of all was sharing that beauty with our friends and family. My mother, a second grade school teacher, loved to cut flowers or pick fruit for me to bring to my teachers to perk up their desks, or to brighten our family gatherings. These little gestures were reflections of her generosity and her fierce will to persevere, all of which were firmly instilled in me. These qualities are the essence of Laughing Earth Flowers – a desire to share a spirit of generosity, the joy in acts of kindness, and, through our flowers, a reflection of our love of nature.

It is in this spirit that I practice my art, and it is my wish for you that you will find your inspiration in each other, the will to persevere, and the joy of sharing with those around you – to tell your own flower story.

– Elizabeth

Elizabeth Jackson comes from a long line of wonderfully odd people and embraces all things quirky. She used to be a professional opera singer and now lives with a bossy-pants cat named Jack, a beautiful border collie named Fiona and Jeff…the love of her life…a fabulously talented, kind-hearted husband who laughs too loudly and gets teary-eyed when he thinks of their sweet Boxer who crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago. <3