Courtney + Jonathan

A Family Affair

There are times when you know you’re seeing something truly beautiful; and this was apparent when I was blessed to be part of the wedding of Courtney and Jonathan, because there was another little soul involved – Courtney’s sweet little daughter, Kenzlie. It is always so wonderful to see the happiness on the faces of a bride and groom during their weddings; but the sheer joy on Kenzlie’s face was truly something pure and inspiring to see! In the end, I received a blessing by being part of the union of this new family, and I wish them the very best for a wonderful life together! The gorgeous photos were by Julia Sharapova.

Jana + Thomas

Beautifully Back to Basics

Here at Laughing Earth Flowers we mostly do arrangements for brides that are looking for lush, garden style bouquets and centerpieces, so it was a refreshing change to “bring it down” a notch and do some very simple arrangements for Jana and Thomas. The venue – the charming Flying V Ranch in Decatur, TX – was the perfect setting for this rustic gem, and Jana’s colors of soft peach and ivory added the perfect touch of country for all the flowers. She wanted us to fill her metal milk cans and buckets with flowers that looked like we picked them from a field, so we used sweet spray Carnations, roses, Queen Anne’s Lace, and (of course!) Baby’s Breath. Enjoy! Photos by Jessica Shae.


Anna + Justin

Natural Beauty

I have to say that I love working with naturalistic color palettes, and so I was thrilled when Anna told me that her bridesmaids were wearing dark green. We decided that flowers in shades of soft ivory, blush, and taupe with silvery blue accents would be the perfect complement to her overall garden quality look. Quick Sand roses (a favorite with Laughing Earth Flowers) and Dusty Miller featured, but it was the ivory Ranunculus and garden roses that were front and center in Anna’s bouquet. I couldn’t resist the cheery pop of black in this Arabicum, so I added those in with white Astrantia and Bouvardia to complete the look. Photos for this pretty wedding by Amber Jones

Vicki + Ryan

Garden Lover’s Dream

What a gorgeous, cloudy day! Vicki and Ryan have to be one of the sweetest, most genuine couples I’ve had the privilege of getting to know! They love gardens and so they asked me to create wedding flowers that were whimsically thrown together without too much care for form. In addition to flowing greenery, I couldn’t resist adding lavender Clematis & Scabiosa, as well as curly Lysmachia because I adore flowers that dance! I wish many joyous blessings to this young couple!

Alyssa + Andrew

Rite of Spring

Generally speaking, I have a period of several months to get acquainted with my bride & groom. It is one of my great joys and one of the main tools for choosing their flower designs; so it was a bit of a surprise to get a request with only a few weeks until the wedding – especially since it was happening during the week of Valentine’s Day, one of the busiest times for most florists. As it turned out, Alyssa and Andrew had already tied the knot, and this ceremony was the celebration that they finally had time to do as Andrew serves in the military and so their time was very limited. I only briefly met Alyssa before her ceremony, but my initial impression was that this was a young couple who were very dedicated to each other. Alyssa was particularly happy with the gorgeous lacy succulents and the deep red of the Black Magic roses. Laughing Earth Flowers wishes them love and happiness as they begin this new chapter in their lives. Photos are by SJR Photography.

Austin + Brent

A Winter’s Tale

We all love the metaphor of winter, death & darkness giving way to the light and life of spring, and for that reason, January weddings are special – they represent new life and a renewed sense of hope. In keeping with the theme of life, Austin wanted Eco-friendly succulents to feature prominently in the wedding flowers. She wanted to have something to keep from her bouquet that could be planted as a reminder of the start of the new life she would lead with Brent. Guests were included in this sentiment with succulents in lovely antique tea cups. Photos by Hal Samples Photography.

Cassi + Jonathan

Holiday Joy

I always enjoy getting to know the couples during the process of designing their wedding flowers, and in this case, I was truly inspired by not only this wonderful couple, but by the steadfast and loving support and joy that I experienced when meeting members of the family & their friends. Cassi expressed to me how she loved the rich colors associated with December weddings, but wanted the theme of her flowers to reflect winter more than the holiday. She also was completely in love with David Austin’s incomparable “Tess” because of its deep red color and lovely shape. I couldn’t resist adding the joyous, happy-faced Anemone to the mix, as well as Bouvardia, and a generous mix of greenery that included Cedar & Pine. A special shout-out to Cynthia at Your Candid Memories Photography for the lovely photos! Laughing Earth Flowers wishes the couple all the best, and I am personally grateful to have made some new friends.

Katy + Randall

A Fete for all Seasons

I simply adore Autumn weddings, and when Katy approached me to do her flowers in this spectacular color palette, I couldn’t resist! The rich orange-coral-blue with touches of plum and chocolate came together is this rich tapestry fit for a grand affair. Katy thought it would be wonderful to have a bouquet-making party with her bridesmaids, so we happily provided floral materials for these lovely ladies so they could create their own bouquets. We used coffee colored roses, coral Peonies, Dahlia, Mums, Chocolate Lace, Liquid Amber, Pepperberry, & Copper Beech to create Katy’s bouquet. Katy is a special friend to Laughing Earth Flowers and has helped on several weddings, so we wish her and Randall much happiness! Thank you also goes to BaoTran Gia Pham for these lovely photos.

Connor + Dan

Perfection in the Piazza

There is nothing I love more than a wedding that is full of romance, and the soft yellows and pinks against a sea of baby blue is about as romantic as can get! Connor and Dan were took a very “hands on” approach to their big day, and it was such a joy to see their families come together to help make this on of the most magical weddings ever. For their venue, the couple chose the Tuscan-themed Piazza in the Village in Colleyville, TX as it perfectly reflected their casual, yet classic style. Coral and soft yellow roses were punctuated by blue Thistle, Delphinium, pink Astilbe, and Queen Anne’s Lace. Sea Star Fern, English Ivy and Ruscus added the finishing touches. Photos by Monarch Hill Weddings.

Alisa + Casey

Sweet summer showers

This wedding will be one I will always remember! Alisa and Casey were so excited to be celebrating their love with a lovely, outdoor ceremony – but the weather was not cooperating, and preparations were made to move everyone inside. But as luck would have it, a short break in the showers allowed the couple to quickly get married under the stars, and all was well! Alisa loved the lush, garden style and so there were many greens incorporated into the flowers, including Ivy, Eucalyptus, Lemon Leaf, and Honeysuckle vine. Cream Garden Roses, pink Carnations, light blue Delphinium, Freesia, Hypericum, and Queen Anne’s Lace added the finishing touches to this blue and blush palette. Photos by Katy Roberts Photography.