Alyssa + Andrew

Rite of Spring

Generally speaking, I have a period of several months to get acquainted with my bride & groom. It is one of my great joys and one of the main tools for choosing their flower designs; so it was a bit of a surprise to get a request with only a few weeks until the wedding – especially since it was happening during the week of Valentine’s Day, one of the busiest times for most florists. As it turned out, Alyssa and Andrew had already tied the knot, and this ceremony was the celebration that they finally had time to do as Andrew serves in the military and so their time was very limited. I only briefly met Alyssa before her ceremony, but my initial impression was that this was a young couple who were very dedicated to each other. Alyssa was particularly happy with the gorgeous lacy succulents and the deep red of the Black Magic roses. Laughing Earth Flowers wishes them love and happiness as they begin this new chapter in their lives. Photos are by SJR Photography.